5.5 million watch Valve's movie in first weekend

There’s no denying that gamers love hearing about video games. The latest proof: Valve‘s eSports documentary, Free to Play, has been seen by more than 5.5 million people across its opening weekend.

This number makes Free to Play one of the most popular documentary film debuts in history, thanks in no small part to its digital distribution approach.

Free to Play is available via Twitch, YouTube, iTunes and (of course) Steam, as well as an assortment of other platforms, but don’t let the digital-only nature distract you. The film currently has a 9.3 user rating on IMDB and has been enjoying great reviews from audiences and critics alike.

The film itself takes a look at three pro gamers. Each brings a different perspective (and language) to the table, with one each coming from North America, Europe and Asia – but they all love the same game: Dota 2.

Want to know more? Want to watch Free to Play? Head to the website: FreeToPlayTheMovie.com!

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