Xbox One: Microsoft plans "unique" title for Japan

Microsoft is getting ready for the Japanese launch of the Xbox One by working with an “awesome” local studio on an exclusive launch title.

Quite which developer is not yet clear, but Kris Graft from Microsoft tells Japanese mag Famitsu:

I’m very excited about the announcement of the release window in Japan. An unique exclusive title for Xbox One is going to be released by an awesome Japanese studio.

The developers have got a while to work on it – the Xbox One isn’t set to hit Japan until September 2014.

In other exciting news, Microsoft is also planning to make an appearance at this year’s Tokyo Game Show, around the same time of year. Microsoft Game Studios boss Phil Spencer explains:

I’m looking forward to go to Tokyo Game Show this year, and I want to show everyone something never seen before. Stay tuned!

When the Xbox One does launch in Japan, it will have an awful lot of catching up to do – the PlayStation 4 hit the market in late February and is already topping the hardware sales charts.

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