The Hollow: A new look at Fantasia: Music Evolved

We haven’t heard much from Fantasia: Music Evolved since it was revealed in June last year, but the team at Harmonix hasn’t slowed down. Despite the silence, the project is still headed to retail for both Xbox One and Xbox 360 before the end of the year.

This is, of course, the latest from the team who brought you Guitar Hero, Rock Band and Dance Central, so you can expect an innovative, exciting user experience. Today’s trailer shows off The Hollow, an all-new “interactive discovery realm”. As you perform songs, you’ll add light, characters and colour to the scene.

Just because this is a Disney game doesn’t mean you’ll necessarily be interacting with the Mouse himself – The Hollow setting is home to a series of magical musical mushrooms and frolicking fairies, but other settings have other locals.

We checked out Fantasia: Music Evolved last year at E3 and are very excited to take another look this year – in the meantime, this video will just have to suffice.

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