EverQuest Next: Landmark servers to be wiped

Gamers busily building their own worlds inside the EverQuest Next: Landmark alpha test will soon have to down tools, as Sony confirms the game’s closed beta test is coming this week.

Specifically, the beta test will kick off on Wednesday March 26th (we have no specific time for you just yet), and in preparation, just about everything the alpha testers have gathered and created will be wiped, to ensure everybody starts at the same point.

That means, if you’re in the alpha test, you’ll be able to keep your character name, your templates and any purchased items (from the marketplace, or your Founder’s Pack goodies).

Sony Online Entertainment recommends you spend a little time getting ready for the reset:

To get ready for the end of Alpha, we highly recommend that you template any items on your claims that you want to resurrect during Closed Beta. Consider templating things with props, without props, and possibly even re-textured as dirt or something simple so that you can rebuild it easily when you have few resources available.

The other side of this: If you’re not already in the alpha test and want to be in the beta, go register your interest!

EverQuest Next: Landmark is a teasing, world-builder introduction to SOE‘s fully-fledged MMO, EverQuest Next. Our reviewer wonders if it could be a Minecraft killer.

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