Luftrausers turns a profit in just two days

Indie game Luftrausers was only released a few days ago – hitting Linux, OSX, PC, PS3 and Vita on March 18th – but already, developer Vlambeer reports the game’s tuned a profit.

The studio broke the news via Twitter:

LUFTRAUSERS just became profitable. It had a two and a half year development cycle. We are super overwhelmed and thankful.

Luftrausers is an aerial shoot-em-up boasting more than 100 potential combinations of aircraft, engines and weapons, and is technically a remake/sequel of one of Vlambeer‘s earlier Flash games, Luftrauser.

This is great news for the tiny studio, who lost all-but-everything when studio co-founder Rami Ismail’s laptop and backpack were stolen from E3 2013.

The studio is currently working on two more games, Space Murder and Nuclear Throne.

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