Signal Studios regains rights to Toy Soldiers

Signal Studios is very pleased to announce that it has seized the rights to its award-winning IP Toy Soldiers, back from the clutches of former publisher Microsoft.

The original Toy Soldiers launched onto XBLA four years ago, with sequel Toy Soldiers: Cold War landing a year after that. Both games are listed in the top 25 best-selling games of all time on XBLA, with a solid 81 on Metacritic (for each game) and more than 2.5 million copies sold between them.

President and Creative Director of Signal Studios, DR Albright III explains:

It took a while, but we’re extremely grateful to have received the rights to Toy Soldiers back from Microsoft. This was the studio’s first game, and we’re really proud of it. We’re finally able and very eager to start development on the future of the Toy Soldiers franchise.

The developer is now looking to a future where it has more control over the franchise, which means potentially more games in the series, as well as the original game popping up on multiple platforms.

To get a taste of what Signal‘s talking about, Toy Soldiers: Complete is already available as a Steam Early Access title. That’ll nab you all of the previously-released Toy Soldiers content – incluing the original game and the sequel Cold War as well as all four DLC packs, adding up to more than 60 missions. Plus, if you pick it up now, you’ll get exclusive Early Access trading cards!

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