Armored Warfare: Obsidian heads into battle

Obsidian Entertainment has revealed plans for its next game: A massively multiplayer online tactical military project named Armored Warfare. It will be free to compete, uses CryEngine 3, and is being published by Russian studio

We’re not quite sure what to expect from this one, but coming from Obsidian, it’s sure to be solid. We’ve been promised control of “some of the most incredible, modern destructive machines to grace a battlefield”, crashing and crunching their way through dynamic, destructible environments.

There will be a range of machines – armoured general-pupose combat vehicles, high-powered long range artillery and, of course, an assortment of modern battle tanks.

As a private military contractor, you’ll be given the opportunities to jump into team-based matches or strategic co-op campaigns, as you level up, customise your headquarters, train crews and maintain an ever-growing collection of battle-scarred tanks.

Project director Richard Taylor explains:

Armored Warfare gives players two deep levels of upgrading and progression through a huge array of both military vehicles and their own personal military base, each giving players a diverse and wide-ranging path of strategies.

Addressing the rather large elephant in the room – yes, this does look rather similar to another major free-to-play tank-based online experience. We’ll hold off on the direct comparisons for now until we’ve seen a bit more of Armored Warfare, but if you’d like to make up your own mind, Obsidian is accepting signups for the game’s closed beta test, set to kick off later this year.

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