World of Tanks Blitz starts closed beta signups

The team at Wargaming has been working hard on World of Tanks Blitz for more than a year now, and it’s finally almost time for the 7-on-7 mobile game to roll out into closed beta.

We haven’t heard much about what’s actually in store, beyond the fact that it’s a mobile interpretation of World of Tanks, it’s 7-on-7, and it’s headed to tablets and smartphones. Reportedly, it’ll “rival anything on a console,” if the devs are to be believed.

No specific date has been mentioned yet, but World of Tanks Blitz will enter closed beta just as soon as the server infrastructure is rolled out and enough people have signed up.

…so that’s your cue. Hop on over and put your name down for a place in the closed beta test – either in North America or in Europe, and stay tuned!

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