Titanfall is getting Australian servers

In what is believed to be a world first, Electronic Arts seems to have set up its own Australian servers for Titanfall. While the rest of the world is using Microsoft‘s Azure cloud computing platform, the hardware hasn’t been properly deployed in Australia yet.

The lack of local Azure platforms was the reason given for the lack of Australian servers, but it seems EA, Respawn and Microsoft have worked together on a compromise. The new Sydney-based servers, believed to be run by EA itself, are hooked into the global Azure network but will not use the cloud computing protocol. For the end-user, there will be no real difference – achievements and the Xbox Live experience will be seamlessly integrated – but on the back-end, it will use a unique, custom-built server solution.

Gamers will be playing on Australian servers as early as “Friday morning,” says Respawn‘s Vince Zampella, who posted to Twitter:

Aussie servers coming online, starting Friday morning and building capacity each day! Combined EA/MS/Respawn effort to make it happen!

Originally, Titanfall community manager Abbie Heppe had explained that it wasn’t something the studio had any control over, instead blaming the way Microsoft had set up its cloud servers.

There are servers that gamers in Australia will be able to connect to and we’re testing builds there to make sure they won’t have an unacceptable connection (it has been playable in our tests).

On both the recent beta tests and now the final version of the game, Aussie gamers have been playing in Singapore, often with woeful, game-breaking latency issues.

We’re not yet sure where these Australian servers will be located, but anywhere across this wide brown land will be better than in another country.

Thank you, Microsoft, EA and Respawn. Prepare for Titanfall.

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