The Walking Dead mobile game coming soon

Let’s face it, we all love AMC’s the Walking Dead. I love it, you love it, hell, even my Grandma loves it! So, with the hugely successful click and play developed by Telltale Games and Activision’s bullet-fest Walking Dead: Survival Instinct already shambling around the market place, where’s left to go? If you shouted mobile devices at the screen, you’d be 100% correct!

Helsinki-based Next Games announced today that they are working on a Walking Dead mobile game, set to release in tandem with the fifth season of the show. Rest assured though, Next Games may have only formed last year but their ranks are brimming with former employees of Rovio Entertainment, Supercell and Disney Interactive.

Our take on the undead survival franchise will match the against-all-odds action and moment-to-moment tension of the TV series. We want to find that sweet spot where gameplay and narrative inform and reinforce one another. I can confidently state it’s unlike anything we’ve seen from The Walking Dead franchise on home or mobile gaming hardware before.

said Teemu Huuhtanen, CEO of Next Games, with AMC president Charlie Collier chipping in:

We chose to team up with Next Games because of their outstanding creative and technical talent, as well as a willingness to re-imagine the unique and compelling world of The Walking Dead, which has built a significant and passionate global fan community.

AMC, being the perpetual teases they are, have not announced when season five will start airing just yet, so we may have to sit on our excitement for quite a while yet…or until Game of Thrones is over!

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