Titanfall invades arcade classic Asteroids

We’ve seen this floating around a bit, but didn’t believe it until we saw it: A mash-up between Titanfall and the arcade classic Asteroids. This is just the first offering from the Titanfall Arcade, it’s everything you’d expect it to be – and it’s free to play, in your browser.

Asteroids, in the Titanfall Arcade

Asteroids, in the Titanfall Arcade

Beat the 8-bit out of retro Atari games with an invincible, 22-foot-tall war machine at Titanfall Arcade.

The arcade promises that both Missile Command and Centipede are “coming soon”, but for now it’s a solo affair for Asteroids (and it’s kind of amazing).

It plays like the original arcade release, with some nifty graphics that mean you’re piloting a real Titan – even if it is one that’s a little lower-res than you’re used to.

Titanfall Arcade is not much more than a nifty little timewaster, but that’s something we’ve got plenty of right now – Titanfall launches next week for Xbox One and PC, with an Xbox 360 edition following soon after.

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