Geeks and gamers thanked for voting in Australia

Australian politician Scott Ludlam, representing the Australian Greens, has emphatically thanked the Liberal government for turning a generation of geeks and gamers into the latest wave of Greens voters.

In a speech allegedly welcoming Prime Minister Tony Abbott to Western Australia, Ludlam explains:

Geeks and coders, network engineers and gamers who would never have voted Greens in a million years without the blundering and technically illiterate assistance of your leadership team – for this, I can only thank you.

He is primarily referring to the Australian National Broadband Network (NBN), a government-run open-access fibre to the premise IP network. Ludlam has been vocal in his support for the project, as introduced by the Australian Labor Party in 2009.

Following the change of government to the Liberal National Coalition in 2013, the planned network is in jeopardy, with the government preferring to rely on obsolete copper technology for the last mile of every connection (fibre to the node, not fibre to the premises). The Australian Greens party opposes this plan (as should most people who use of the internet), preferring one where all copper is replaced.

Even the internet is turning green, for the win.

Ludlam is up for re-election next month for the Western Australian senate, in a rare mid-term poll following a vote counting mishap that resulted in the loss of nearly 1,400 ballot papers. Want to know more about this politician? He’s doing a Reddit AMA at 6pm tonight, Western Australian time (What’s that in my timezone?), where he’s sure to share some more truth bombs.

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