Murdered: Soul Suspect arrives in June

June looks like a good month for gaming: Square Enix has just confirmed that Murdered: Soul Suspect will be released on June 3 in North America, and June 6 in Europe, Australia and New Zealand.

The game – a spooky detective thriller – is in development at Airtight Games, the studio behind Quantum Conundrum, and puts you in the shoes of detective Ronan O’Connor.

It’s a little like the Patrick Swayze movie Ghost – O’Connor’s life is brought to a brutal, untimely end by a relentless killer, leaving him stuck in the shadowy limbo world of Dusk. He’ll be stuck there forever unless he can bring his killer to justice – but being a ghost has its pros and cons.

O’Connor has new-found supernatural abilities, including the ability to read minds and influence the thoughts and actions of the living. His case also involves interrogating the ghosts of Salem’s past citizens, battling demonic spirits, and possessing fellow detectives, as he tries to piece together the details of his murder.

Square Enix has announced a neat pre-order bonus for Murdered: Soul Suspect in North America, which will net you an interactive digital strategy map – but we haven’t heard whether this will make it to other territories.

Murdered: Soul Suspect is headed to PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, Xbox One and PC – if you want to know more, check out our Player Attack interview with designer Yosuke Shiokawa.

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