Big week ahead for Watch_Dogs fans

David Thériault, product manager for Watch_Dogs has suggested that this is a “big week” for the title. Quite what that means is yet to be seen, but fans are hoping, more than anything, for a release date.

Thériault posted a picture of his morning coffee to Twitter, bracing himself for the week to come.

One thing he may not have predicted is the power of the Internet to determine things before they are officially revealed – and the Watch_Dogs release date may just be one of those things.

An entry has popped up on the game’s page of the Sony Entertainment Network website, referencing June 30, 2014.

This is unlikely to be the real release date – it’s a Monday, which is not typically a day games are launched – but it does suggest that we should have the high-tech future in our hands by the end of that month.

The news follows on from a Watch_Dogs ad that promised the new release date would be revealed “soon” – we’re still yet to see it.

Ubisoft had originally planned Watch_Dogs to launch alongside the Xbox One and PS4 in late 2013, before it was delayed to “Spring 2014” (the Northern hemisphere season, anyway). We were then told it would arrive sometime “between April and June” – so it looks like the game might just sneak into that timeframe.

Still, we’ve been burned before – we’re not getting our hopes up until we have an official, concrete release date for Watch_Dogs.

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