Trials goes multiplatform with Trials Fusion

PlayStation 4 owners rejoice!  You too will be able to enjoy the infuriatingly challenging Trials series from RedLynx as the latest entry to the series, Trials Fusion, will launch on PS4 in addition to PC, Xbox 360 and Xbox One as a digital download on April 16th.

A new platform is not the only new thing RedLynx is bringing to the table with Trials Fusion, as the game moves from the dull warehouse backgrounds of previous installments and moves to much more vivid futuristic outdoor settings with up to four square kilometers of track to race, jump and flip along.  Each of the new levels contains 3 hidden easter eggs to discover, some of which are fiendishly difficult to discover according to Eurogamer.  The example given was an impromptu tennis match which is started by parking you bike up in the middle of the court until your rider dismounts and pulls out an over-sized racquet to play against a Penguin!  Also debuting is a freestyle motocross trick system controlled by the right thumbstick, allowing your rider to flail around wildly whilst in the air for additional points whilst playing certain game modes.

Fans of the series will be glad to hear that the level editor that debuted with Trials Evolution will be making a return, meaning that on top of the many tracks included in the game you will also be able to make use of the 1000+ parts to create your own levels to push your friends to the brink of sanity.

Such is the scale of the game that it saw RedLynx draw on additional manpower from Ubisoft on top of their own 110 strong team in order to complete the task, managing director Tero Virtala had the following to say on the matter:-

“We were still in the development of Trials Evolution and we saw where the game was heading,” Virtala adds. “Even at that stage we had much bigger ambitions, but we saw it would require so many more developers and support in areas where we weren’t experts.”

A retail version of Trials Fusion will also be available for PS4, Xbox One and PC which includes the season pass, allowing access to the 6 planned DLC packs as they release.

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