Japan: Wii U overtakes Xbox 360 lifetime sales

The Wii U has officially overtaken the Xbox 360, when it comes to Japanese sales. The latest hardware charts are in, and while it’s a small matter of some 2,000 consoles, Nintendo does have a very definite lead over Microsoft, and the gap is expected to widen.

Wii U - Black, Premium console

Nintendo’s Wii U console

Nintendo is selling up to nine thousand consoles every week, while Xbox 360 sales have dwindled to just a few hundred. The specific numbers according to the charts: 1,643,095 Wii U consoles. 1,641,528 Xbox 360.

Both consoles are still lagging behind the PlayStation Vita (with 2.5m lifetime sales), and all three have sold a mere fraction of the 9.8 million PlayStation 3 consoles that have moved in Japan.

It looks like the PlayStation 4 is also doing well – launch week saw 309,154 units sold, bringing total lifetime PS4 sales to at least 5.6m. Sony had targeted a round 5m by the end of the financial year.

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