Naughty Dog unsure on The Last of Us sequel

While it might seem to be a sure thing, Naughty Dog has gone on the record saying that there’s only a “50/50” chance that The Last of Us will get a fully-blown sequel.

Studio creative director Neil Druckmann took centre stage in a Reddit Ask Me Anything post, where he disappointed precisely half of all gamers hanging out for more from “the world of The Last of Us“.

If you’re asking about a sequel … right now I’d say it’s 50/50.

Druckmann’s the sort of person to choose his words carefully, so we’re assuming now is no exception. He goes on to say that Joel and Ellie’s story has come to an end – both in The Last of Us and in new prequel DLC Left Behind – but he’s open to seeing them in “different mediums”… could a movie or tv series be in the future?

In the meantime, a sequel for The Last of Us hangs just out of sight on the horizon. It would be a challenging game to get right, so while it pains us to say it, perhaps not getting a follow-up would be best?

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