EVE tells True Stories in new graphic novel

Here’s a little light reading for you: The first digital graphic novel from the EVE: True Stories collection is ready! The series is based on in-game experiences within CCP space race MMO EVE Online. Just like the game, it’s free-to-play – and, just like the game, it’s probably not for everyone.

EVE: True Stories Issue 1

EVE: True Stories Issue 1

The first issue – out now – is all about The Mittani, Alexander Gianturco. It’s the story of Band of Brothers, one of the largest player-run corporations of the past 10 years of game history, and the way it was broken down by a single man. Written by Wolverine: Origins author Daniel Way, it’s illustrated by Tomm Coker, best known for his work on Daredevil Noir.

Way tells an interesting story, but it’s difficult to read. The leap from video game to comic book is a challenging one, and the team at Dark Horse don’t seem to have nailed it this time around. Dialogue is seemingly lifted straight from Teamspeak and the plot is… confused.

That said, Coker’s illustrations are stunning, which brings some redemption. Fingers crossed that parts two, three and four are more story-focussed when they arrive on March 5, March 19 and April 2. If this is your thing, then you’ll also be interested to know that a hardback prestige edition of all four EVE: True Stories will go on sale on June 4.

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