Minecraft getting mini-games

Minecraft is about to get even more interesting. Developer Mojang is currently testing a selection of mini-games for the blocky world-builder, available as part of the beta build for subscription-only Minecraft Realms.

As shown in the video, the process of switching your Realm to a mini-game will be simple – no need to reset your world. After you’ve finished in the mini-game, you can just exit back out again, and your world will return to its previous state.

At this stage, the featured mini-games include: Cake Defence 2, Blocks vs Zombies, The Walls, Autospleef and Dash of Doom – all of which will be added in the 1.7.5 update for Minecraft Realms, due out in March 2014. No word as yet on whether these will make the leap to Minecraft proper.

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