Valve publishing Dota 2 pro-gaming documentary

Free to Play is a very special look at professional gaming, and publisher Valve has now confirmed we don’t have long to wait before checking it out.

The feature-length documentary follows three professional gamers – one each from Asia, North America and Europe – as they take part in The Dota 2 International Tournament, competing for a million dollar prize pool.

Produced internally at Valve, the audience is invited around the world to meet the players, as well as their loved ones, as the Dota 2 fans prepare for the world’s biggest gaming tournament.

While Free to Play will be released via Steam on March 19th (March 20th in Australia/New Zealand), there will be a public screening and live Q&A session the day before, if you’re lucky enough to get to San Francisco’s Castro theatre.

…if you can’t get to SF and want to know more, head to!

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