Doom 4 beta included with Wolfenstein pre-orders

Gamers who pre-order Wolfenstein: The New Order will be granted beta access to Doom 4 (now known simply as DOOM). The theory is – if you’re a fan of one old-school gaming franchise, chances are you’ll be fond of another one, too.

We now know that Wolfenstein: The New Order will be arriving on May 20th in the US (May 22nd in Australia and New Zealand, May 23rd in Europe), but that little detail’s been hidden in the tsunami of attention given to the promise of a beta key.

Please note: The beta will not be available at the launch of Wolfenstein: The New Order.

In fact, we have not been given any indication of when the beta will be available, but there is a simple DOOM Beta FAQ that should shed a little light on things.

Simply put: Boxed copies of Wolfenstein: The New Order will contain a key code. Once you receive your code, you’re advised to redeem it online, which will register your participation in the DOOM beta.

Meanwhile, Wolfenstein: The New Order is shaping up very nicely indeed – BJ Blazkokwicz has escaped the World War 2 shackles and is now set in an alternate universe where the Nazis won.

Stay tuned for more on Wolfenstein: The New Order and the freshly-confirmed DOOM – we don’t think people will be keeping quiet on either one for long.

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