Xbox One update introduces black screen bug

The latest update for the Xbox One, out last week, brought with it a bunch of exciting new features, but it also snuck in a pretty nasty bug. Gamers are reporting that, after switching their updated console on, they are faced with a black screen that is completely unresponsive.

Xbox One Logo

Like this, but blacker.

Don’t worry: This is not the latest red ring of death. Instead, the black screen bug has a simple fix – and it’s likely to be exactly the one you’re thinking of, via Xbox Support twitter.

If it happens, please power cycle by holding power for 10 seconds.

That is, of course, “turn it off and then on again”.

As frustrating as a bug like this is – you’ll have audio but no video, and it’s not an HDMI cable issue – it’s reassuring to have a simple way to fix it.

Microsoft is currently working on a fix for the bug, which has affected gamers around the world. Some report the screen is a solid black, while others have been shown flickering shades of grey. Hopefully it’ll just be a memory by the time the next update hits.

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