Double Fine to stream Amnesia Fortnight

Double Fine does a few things differently to most studios. This week, the studio isn’t just taking a break from core projects to work on four different tiny games, but it is live-streaming the development as it happens.

Home of Amnesia Fortnight

Home of Amnesia Fortnight

Known affectionately as “Amnesia Fortnight”, Double Fine takes a couple of weeks’ break from it usual slog, focussing instead on a handful of smaller games. This time around, there are four titles in the works, with developers currently producing prototypes for:

  • Dear Leader by Anna Kipnis
  • Mnemonic by Derek Brand
  • Steed by John Bernhelm
  • Little Pink Best Buds by Pendelton Ward

This is not the first time Double Fine has taken this approach to development – previously, games like Stacking and Costume Quest have both come from Amnesia Fortnight ideas.

The team behind the videos is the one and only 2 Player Productions, who also produced the videos for the recent Minecraft documentary. If you want to tune in, head to the Double Fine Twitch Channel!

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