Candy Crush maker to float stock

Despite still suffering backlash over its trademark registrations, casual game developer King is preparing to enter the stockmarket. The company has filed for an IPO, and will be listed on the New York Stock Exchange as King Digital Entertainment, under the ticker label “KING”.

The recent financial filing also revealed a bunch of numbers about the company: In 2012, it took US$164.4m in revenue, totalling US$7.8m profit.

Just twelve months later, revenues were just a little higher: US$1.88 billion, and net profit of nearly US$567m.

There are 128 million gamers playing King projects each day – and 93 million of those are playing flagship Candy Crush Saga. That one game represents 78% of King‘s player spend – but don’t go thinking every gamer’s forking over real-world cash for fancy in-game confectionery: As of last September, 70 per cent of gamers who reached the game’s final level did so without spending a cent.

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