Harmonix developing musical shooter

Have you ever wondered what would happen if you took Quake, DDR and Tron, and threw them into a blender?
On a psychical level you’d have a busted blender and chipped bits of plastic but on concept level, well, you’d have something called Chroma!

Chroma is the newest development from Harmonix (the studio responsible for Rock Band and making owning plastic instruments cool) and is without a doubt the oddest and most innovative game in quite sometime; a free-to-play musical arena FPS!

Harmonix publishing director John Drake

People used to joke all the time, you should do an FPS based on musical notes. Well, now we have done it. In the past, music games became sims, but we feel like there is a lot more to them as a component of gameplay.

Harmonix isn’t foolish enough to jump head first into a genre it knows nothing about, recruiting the help of FPS wizards Hidden Path Entertainment (developers of Counter-Strike: GO) to handle the shooter side of things.

Drake continues:

We know music, we know game mechanics, we know our player base and what feels good as far as songs, but we know we shouldn’t build a shooter from the ground up. That would be a very cocky move.

The gameplay will feature specialised classes (like nearly all FPS’s) but it’ll be the way they interact with the music that will set them apart from the usual tropes, with the ‘assault’ class gaining extra damage for firing on the down beat or ‘sniper’ getting an instant kill by patiently waiting for the end of a bar.

Harmonix CEO Alex Rigopulos explains:

The experience we’re trying to summon for players is all about sound, rhythm, light, color and sensory spectacle. It’s a very different headspace than most shooters, and on some level much more about creation than destruction.

With no word on possible release date for Chroma just yet, hopefully it won’t be too long till I can riddle a guy full of laser to the beat of Girls Just Want To Have Fun!

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