Steam now lets you report abusive Tags

When Valve opened up its Steam Tags system, it was a bit of a free-for-all. And – predictably – it didn’t take long for gamers to start adding less-than-savoury tags for games they aren’t fond of. Now, Valve has taken steps to avoid this happening again.

Steam's Popular Tags page

Steam’s Popular Tags page

The new update removes an assortment of tags – including “hipster garbage”, and “Phil Fish sucks” (“walking simulator” is still applied to Gone Home), and adds a flagging function. You can now flag and downvote tags which are either:

  • Offensive/abusive
  • Not appropriate for this product
  • Not helpful
  • Spoiler

Valve has also increased the number of users required for a tag to show up as “popular” – and even if a whole lot of people approve an inappropriate tag, if it’s only applied to one game, it will not be listed in the recommendation “For You” tab.

It’s a nice step from the studio, but gamers are still concerned it won’t be enough. At present, anyone can tag any game they like – whether they’ve played it or not – which still leaves a loophole for potential abuse. The Steam Tags system is still in beta, however, so it will continue to be revamped and revised before an official release.

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