Pillars of Eternity promised by end of 2014

Obsidian Entertainment has promised that gamers should be able to play Kickstarted title Pillars of Eternity before the end of the year – but we’re not hearing many more specifics.

Developer Rose Gomez has updated backers with the news, as well as some shiny new artwork – including this quick clip of Godlike variants.

Gomez explains:

…we wanted to officially update everyone that we are looking good to release Eternity by Winter 2014. So, look forward to getting your hands on Pillars of Eternity later this year.

Of course, that is the northern hemisphere’s Winter – so we’re looking at some time around December at the earliest.

The update also explains that there will be no further stretch goals added to Pillars of Eternity after today – what you see is what you get.

The game – formerly known as Project Eternity – was Kickstarted in September 2012, quickly raising more than $4 million in pledges. Originally planned for a launch in Spring of this year, this latest delay really isn’t long to wait for the tribute to classic PC RPGs.

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