Steam introduces new Tagging system

Hashtags are everywhere across the internet these days. They’re all over social media, and you can now find them in Steam as well, as Valve rolls out the Steam Tags system.

It’s been designed to help users find similarly-themed games, as one way of combating smaller titles slipping through the cracks.

Steam's Popular Tags page

Steam’s Popular Tags page

The process is simple, and user-driven: Add your own descriptive tags to any product (software as well as games) on the Steam service. Up to 20 of the most popular tags for each product will be displayed on its Steam page, as a clickable link to find other, similar titles.

At this stage, those tags are likely to be fairly generic – for a game like Starbound, you can see things like indie, sandbox and adventure.

As the system gets more input, however, it’s hoped that tags will become more useful: A tag like zombie will be used to help you find games featuring the undead, while “Better than League” might prove handy for gamers looking for League of Legends alternatives.

Valve has also posted a Popular Tags page that will (predictably) show you which tags are most popular, ranked by how frequently those tags are added to games.

Steam will also look at which games you are playing, and suggest other titles based on how they are tagged. If you’re playing a lot of games with female protagonists, you can expect even more games like that to pop up in your recommendation pages.

Steam‘s tagging system is available to all users, even though it is technically still in beta testing. New features may be rolled out over time, but for now – jump in and start labelling your favourites!

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