Starbound dev squishes "sexual predator"

Development on world-builder Starbound has paused for the moment, as developer Chucklefish works together to deal with a “sexual predator” lurking in the game’s community.

Tiy, the game’s lead developer, posted the news to Twitter, almost raising more questions than he answered:

Delaying development to deal with a sexual predator targeting children.

People asking for elaboration, we’re working with authorities to deal with someone that’s been using the community to target kids

The studio revealed that it had spent the better part of a day contacting the police and providing evidence. Community manager Molly updated fans with the news that the person in question “has been permanently banned and we’re looking into how to proceed re: involving authorities.”

There are a lot of underage people on our forums. If someone is messaging you in private in a way that’s making you uncomfortable (especially in a sexual way), you can always message me or another staff member and we’ll look into it and handle it.

Molly was quick to reassure gamers that the news didn’t herald a significant delay, but the studio wanted to let unsavoury types know that their actions could potentially halt development on the game.

Developer Michael Reilly took a slightly more aggressive approach, publishing a warning to potential offenders:

Attn pedos, if you attempt to groom people on the SBF, you’ll get caught and reported, and it will set dev back, b/c I have to deal w/it. FU

Starbound is currently available via Steam Early Access.

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