Dress as Lara Croft in Lightning Returns: FF XIII

You will be able to dress as the Tomb Raider herself, Lara Croft, in the middle of your game of Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII. The delicious mash-up has been confirmed by Square Enix, and Lara’s trademark adventuring gear – including her Survivor’s Axe – will be downloadable from launch on all platforms.

The costume, of course, won’t give Lightning any special abilities, but does make her look more hardcore, right?

The game itself has already been out for a few months in Japan, as a direct sequel to Final Fantasy XIII-2 and the conclusion of the greater storyline of Final Fantasy XIII.

Lightning has woken up 13 days before the end of the world – and it’s up to her to save everybody. Why not do it while dressed as another strong gaming character?

Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII is set for release in Australia and New Zealand next week, from February 13th.

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