Korean border policed by Kinect sensor

Fun fact: The border separating North Korea and South Korea is THE most heavily armed (and therefore scariest) border on earth! (You can use that as your next pick up line, thank me later) With that said, what could possibly make this an any more uncomfortable place? One word: Kinect!

Jae Kwan Ko and his Kinect sensors

Jae Kwan Ko and his Kinect sensors

Self-taught South Korean programmer, Jae Kwan Ko has developed a surveillance system which incorporates Kinect-based software to monitor the the DMZ (demilitarized zone) between the two countries.

According to Korena news site Hankooki (translated by ExtremeTech), the Kinect-based system has the ability to identify and track objects moving across the DMZ (which is 160 miles long and 2.5 miles wide), differentiate whether it’s animal or human and alert nearby outposts to the intruder! (That differentiation is important – endangered species like the Asian black bear, Siberian/Korean tiger and the red-crowned crane are believed to call the DMZ home.)

Ko explains:

I’ve never even thought of a game system performing national defense tasks!

Ko is looking forward to the release of the Xbox One in South Korea, saying the new the sensor with the ability to detect heart rates and heat signatures is “interesting”.

Just a heads up Ko, remember to remove the ‘Xbox Turn Off’ command… just sayin’.

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