Pre-order not needed for access to Titanfall beta

Titanfall. All you have to do is drop that word (cool sounding as it is) and Xbox One owners will whip themselves into a wild frenzy of excitement.
With that said, I think it’s fair to say that that EA / Respawn‘s mech-based shootfest is one of the most hotly anticipated properties of the year, along with the prospect of being in the beta on the 14th of February.

Thing is, no one knows how to get into said beta!

In the past, high profile games have teased pre-orders out out of folk with alluring beta invites (Bulletstorm and Battlefield jump to mind) but according to a tweet from Respawn studio founder Vince Zampella, pre-ording is not the way in this time!

You will not need to have the game preordered to get in the beta. I’d give it to them first for supporting us if it were possible tho =)

Upon further coaxing, Zampella said the team at Respawn were waiting on approval to announce further details and dates for the beta test.

We’ll keep you posted as Titanfall details develop, but I think we can all agree: The sooner we get to pilot one of those awesome mechs to kill spawn campers, the better!

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