Dark Souls II bosses hinted by ratings board

For those Sunbros amongst you who want to brave the new world of Dark Souls 2 completely oblivious, consider this a minor spoiler warning.

It’s a scientific fact (just don’t ask me to prove it) that there is no other feeling in gaming that equates to the body tensing, pants-ruining fear that occurs in Dark Souls every time you traverse the white light into a boss room. Seath the Scaleless, Dragon Slayer Ornstein, Executioner Smough, hell, even Moonlight Butterfly fills you with a sense of dread and awe… for all of 5 seconds before you’re brutally murdered!

With the release of Dark Souls II just around the corner, the ESRB has released some content descriptors, some obvious and some rather intriguing!

Aside from the “dungeon-like setting” and “fantastical enemies” the ESRB statement has outlined some of the boswses we’re about to face, including:

  • “a giant snake boss holding its severed head”
  • a “boss creature composed of hundreds of corpses” …and
  • a “partially topless” boss character with “hair barely covering [her] breasts”

It’s not much but I’m more psyched than ever for engaging in some jolly co-operation when Dark Souls II launches on 13/03/14 on PC, Xbox 360 and PS3.

And until then my friends, don’t forget to keep praising the sun!

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