Minecraft: More than 14 million sold on PC/Mac

In case you were wondering just how well Minecraft was doing these days, we can tell you: Pretty darn well, thank you kindly. The blocky world-builder’s just ticked over more than 14 million copies sold on PC and Mac – and remember, the game’s available on plenty more platforms, too.

It’s interesting to note that sales may actually be speeding up for the nearly five-year old game. It stood at 12 million copies sold back in September and took the better part of three months to climb to 13 million in December 2013. Just over a month later, and it stands at an all-new milestone.

Other platforms are also doing well: The PlayStation 3 version sold more than one million copies in its first month on sale, and Minecraft Pocket Edition on mobile has moved 10 million, despite being released far later than the PC build.

And how does someone celebrate when his pet project has sold more copies than the population of Belgium? He plays Lego Marvel Super Heroes, of course. Way to go, Notch!

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