Dad locks child in closet for interrupting his game

An Oklahoma couple has been arrested on child neglect charges after their daughter was discovered shut in a closet. The 4-year old had been put there on “time out” after reportedly distracting her dad from his video games at 3am.

Parents Darren and Melissa Nashburn

Parents Darren and Melissa Nashburn

After putting his child in the closet, father Darren Nashburn reportedly went to sleep, leaving her there for at least six hours. Police report that the child was discovered by a maintenance man, who performed a routine check on the family’s apartment. He found a bench placed up against a closet door, and the child barricaded inside.

Tulsa Police spokeswoman Danielle Bishop reports:

We’re not the parenting police, but when it becomes a dangerous situation, that’s when we get involved and we have to do something to make sure the children are safe.

According to local media, detectives had been sent to the home eight months ago following a report of a child locked in a room.

The little girl, and her two siblings aged 5 and 1, were reportedly “filthy”, their home full of trash and at least two beds infested with bed bugs. All three children are now in the custody of the Department of Human Services as their parents face up to ten years in prison.

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