No Australian servers for Titanfall

In disappointing news, it seems that Titanfall will not have dedicated servers in Australia. For a single-player game, this wouldn’t be a problem, but Respawn has been busily telling us about the game’s multiplayer focus.

The news came to light thanks to a recent forum post, where Titanfall community manager Abbie Heppe was asked outright whether or not the game would have local servers. Her answer – appropriately – was that this isn’t really something Respawn has any control over.

It’s really a question for Microsoft. There are servers that gamers in Australia will be able to connect to and we’re testing builds there to make sure they won’t have an unacceptable connection (it has been playable in our tests).

When questioned further, Abbie explained that – at the moment, at least – those servers are not physically located in Australia, and, as it’s not her area of expertise, she’s not sure where they actually are.

Abbie continues:

We continue to advocate for Australian servers while making sure Australian gamers will have the best experience we can offer them.

Respawn is believed to be using the Microsoft Azure servers, which are located in various spots across North America and Europe, as well as Hong Kong, China and Singapore in Asia. With a ping of more than 100ms to all three locations, this could break a game like Titanfall, which requires fast response times. Oceanic locations have been announced but are “coming soon” – and are very unlikely to be ready before the game’s March 11th launch date.

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