Duke Nukem gets 8-person Duke-on-Duke action

What’s the only thing better than Duke Nukem? More Duke Nukems. Specifically: Eight of them – and that’s exactly what you’re getting in Duke Nukem 3D: Megaton Edition, thanks to a brand new update from Devolver.

Tally up those online kills, as there are three new achievements tied into those counts – and the entire game plus all of the authorised expansions have been modified ever-so-slightly to give you co-op craziness with up to eight players.

Grab seven of your mates (or seven strangers, we’re not picky), and you can Duke it out (heh) together through any of the single-player missions. If you’d prefer, there are 200+ community maps for you to play through as well!

Everybody in multiplayer mode looks like The Duke, which makes things a little confusing but also proves that the only man capable of beating The King is …himself.

If you want in on this action and haven’t yet picked up Duke Nukem 3D: Megaton Edition (it’s only been out for a year), then you should probably hop to it. Steam has it on sale right now, and we can think of plenty worse ways you could spend $4.

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