Steam unveils one-button refund system

If you’ve ever pre-ordered a game on Steam and later realised you probably shouldn’t have done it, you now have an easy-out clause. Valve has added a “Refund an Item” button to the digital distribution service, and it does just that.



While it won’t quite put the money back into your real-world pocket, the pre-order amount is deposited quickly and easily into your Steam Wallet, so you can only use it to buy more Steam games in future.

The solution isn’t perfect if you’re looking to recover a few extra bucks to pay the rent, but if you’ve realised the game you’ve ordered really isn’t that great, you’ve now got a better process in place. Previously, asking for a refund on an unreleased game involved jumping through the various hoops of Valve‘s support system, a lengthy and often frustrating process.

Once you’ve redeemed any part of your order, the refund button will disappear, so don’t think you can just use it to snag freebie bonuses.

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