Respawn warns against fake Titanfall beta signups

Be careful out there, guys: While we know that a Titanfall beta is on the way, sign-ups have not started yet, and anything claiming to be a sign-up site is likely to be a scam.



Six months after issuing a very similar note, the game’s community manager Matthew Everett, has put the warning out on Twitter, referring to potential phishing attempts:

We have not announced further details for the Titanfall beta at this time. DO NOT SIGN-UP at random sites claiming to be the official Beta.

At this stage, while we know that a beta is happening next month, we don’t know specifics on just when you’ll either be able to sign up or jump in. Respawn head honcho Vince Zampella has said that all that will change “in the coming days”, with more details on the way for both Xbox One and PC.

As for the Xbox 360 version, news has come to light that Respawn is not developing the title for the platform. Instead, duties have been handballed to Bluepoint Games, the studio behind HD versions of Ico, Shadow of the Colossus and Metal Gear Solid HD Collection. While it’s certainly in good hands, fans are a little surprised to hear that some of Respawn‘s flagship title has been outsourced.

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