Sly Cooper is headed to Hollywood in new movie

Another gaming franchise is making its way to the big screen, and this is one that we think could actually work. Everybody’s favourite orphaned raccoon thief, Sly Cooper, is set to catapult his way to film stardom, featuring in a new CG animated film in the works at Sony.

…and here’s the first teaser trailer!

Producer Brad Foxhoven explains it best:

Based on one of PlayStation’s most beloved franchises, Sly Cooper is a kinetic and comedic heist film that tells the story of Sly Cooper, an orphaned raccoon thief, and the adventures of his childhood friends and partners in crime, Bentley Turtle and Murray Hippo. In the film, Sly learns that he comes from a long line of talented, international thieves, and is catapulted into a global adventure. Sly races to reassemble pieces of an ancient book holding the Cooper clan’s family secrets before it can fall into the hands of Clockwerk — an evil metallic owl bent on ending the Cooper family line.

Fans around the world are frothing at the mouth over this first look – and not all of them are thrilled. The biggest sticking point for many seems to be Sly‘s voice. Rather than picking series stalwart Kevin Miller, the studio seems to have picked veteran voice actor Ian James Corlett, best known for his work as Coconuts in the animation Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog, as well as the title role in the mid-90s cartoon adaptation of Mega Man.

There’s one other thing: The team at Rainmaker aren’t new to making CGI feature films. They’re the guys making the Ratchet & Clank movie, another co-production with Sony that looks promising.

Stepping away from video games, they’ve made other movies, too. Notably in 2005 with Inspector Gadget’s Biggest Caper Ever, which looks less than great… but to even that out, they also made the amazing video for Dire Straits’ Money for Nothing, so the jury’s still out.

The new Sly Cooper movie isn’t planned to hit screens until 2016, which gives the studio a little time to polish things up. Fingers crossed!

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