Take a closer look at The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

Just missing out on this morning’s screenshot extravaganza, we have a trio of beautiful new images from The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. They are dirty, bloody and gorgeous – everything we’ve come to expect from developer CD Projekt RED.

[img_big]center,10797,2014-01-29/The_Witcher_3_Wild_Hunt__Mysterious_swamps_are_often_full_of_dangers.png,The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt[/img_big]

Geralt and his horse approach a village. As they pass by the swamp, he keeps his distance from the group of mounted men across the way – it’s difficult to tell if they are friend or foe.

[img_big]center,10797,2014-01-29/The_Witcher_3_Wild_Hunt__You_never_know_what_waits_around_the_corner.png,The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt[/img_big]

The cities in The Witcher 3 are a revamped interpretation of ideas we’ve seen previously, with light and shadow playing across cobblestones and abandoned carts. Two thugs are laying into a shoeless man as Geralt arrives – but is that a policeman off to the right?

[img_big]center,10797,2014-01-29/The_Witcher_3_Wild_Hunt__Geralt_travels_through_war_ravaged_territory.png,The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt[/img_big]

We see Geralt as he approaches a battle ground. A bird perches on a headless corpse, slouching against a stump. We don’t know if Geralt had a hand in the bloodshed, or which side the bodies have come from, but the detail is mindblowing.

To learn more about The Witcher 3 – or any of CD Projekt RED‘s other titles – it might be worth having a poke around the brand new developer forums, freshly launched for your enjoyment.

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt is currently in development for Xbox One, PS4 and PC, with a release date of “2014”.

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