Is this our first look at Source Engine 2?

A handful of images claiming to show the Source Engine 2 have surfaced on the internets. Sure, it’s showing off an older game – Left 4 Dead 2 – but these snaps are far, far shinier than any four-year old game has a right to.

The leaked Source 2 engine PowerPoint project

The leaked Source 2 engine PowerPoint project

The images first popped up on internet forum Neogaf, reportedly showing a confidential (German!) Valve PowerPoint presentation. This is – reportedly – a brand new Left 4 Dead 2 prototype, now using the Source Engine 2.

Like all good people, we try to steer away from rumours and speculation – but these were posted by Crazy Buttocks on a Train, and CBOAT is unusually well-known for leaking confidential bits and pieces. We don’t question just how the information came to “just fall across my desk”. Today, we’re just going to look and hope.

Specifically, this is an updated version of the Plantation level from L4D2. You can see just how much more detail is possible thanks to Source 2 – particularly in the foliage, lighting, shadow and destruction shown in the pic.

Fansite ValveTime has also snagged a higher-res copy of the plantation, so you can see just how pretty it really is.

Left 4 Dead 2, rebuilt in Source 2

Left 4 Dead 2, rebuilt in Source 2

The slide show features 20 slides, and we only get a glimpse of 7 of them. The important thing to note is that those seven discuss various technical elements of Source 2, including lighting and detail, and some behind-the-scenes elements like in-engine tools and workflow.

Some fans have gotten awfully excited over the idea of this perhaps being Left 4 Dead 3. That said, we’d like to take a grain of salt and think that it’s more likely “just” a snapshot of Source 2, and that’s more than exciting enough.

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