Titanfall beta confirmed, coming soon

Surprise! There will be a playable beta for Titanfall, and it’s headed our way fairly soon. A French retailer leaked the news over the weekend, but developer Respawn Entertainment has confirmed the inevitable – while we don’t know just when, we can tell you the beta will hit both PC and Xbox One before the game launches in March.



The original leak suggested that the beta would kick off on February 14th, and run for just a few days.

Respawn is neither confirming nor denying the rumour, instead simply posting to Twitter:

We’re excited to announce Titanfall will offer a PC and Xbox One Beta. Details coming soon

The news follows a recent invite-only alpha test for the game, where a very small number of gamers were able to spend some time with Titanfall.

Given the online nature of the game (which includes 12-person combat), a more comprehensive beta test sounds like a good idea, giving EA and Respawn a chance to stress test the game’s servers. Whether or not this can be done in less than a week is yet to be seen, but we’re expecting to find out very soon.

Titanfall is set to hit Xbox One, Xbox 360 and PC from March 11, 2014.

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