Starbound update wipes characters one last time

It is safe to head back to Starbound, as the galaxy-wide character wipe sweeps across the game for the last time. The eagerly-anticipated Furious Koala patch has been rolled out, and it’s brought with it some stunning changes.

We’re looking at a combination of straightforward code changes and some more fun tweaks, so whether you’re interested in either a “proper versioning system for save files” or a brand new Viking helmet, you should be covered.

Disk serialisation has been changed, so the team at Chucklefish will never need to wipe players or ships again (and hopefully never touch worlds either). Difficulty levels and permadeath have been added, databases filled, glitches and bugs squished and a bunch of internal changes made that tidy things up behind the scenes.

At the same time, the holiday decorations have been taken down, PvP force-enabled, and boss lore added. There are new techs, biome and monster attacks, plus some pretty lovely graphical upgrades.

The new patch is available now and should kick in the next time you fire up Starbound. If you want to know more, you can read the full patch notes… but otherwise, you’re good to go. Watch out for landmines.

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