League of Legends player counts double in 2013

2013 was a good year for League of Legends. It’s not a surprising announcement (nor should it be), but the MOBA game more than doubled its daily player base from 12 million to a massive 27 million in just twelve months.

Publisher Riot Games tells the Wall Street Journal that at peak times, up to 7.5 million gamers are concurrently logging into League of Legends. The previous peak, in March 2013, was around 5 million.

2013 was a good year for the coffers as well. Despite the game being free-to-play, premium micro-transactions mean that inevitably, more gamers means more money coming in to Riot, which earned more than $624 million in the past 12 months.

While the reason for the player increase could be pinned on gameplay improvements, snowballing popularity or wider publicity for the game, the real reason is a simple one. 2013 was also the first year that League of Legends was available in the Asian market, following Tencent‘s buy out of Riot Games. With Asian gamers even more fond of online PC games than their western counterparts, the boost in audience numbers was inevitable.

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