Play as Australia in Civilization V

To properly celebrate Australia Day, this bunch of modders has created the ultimate tribute to the sunburned country: Australian Civilization: Colonialist Legacies, a beautiful mod for Civilization V that lets you play as Australia in your quest for world domination.

Henry Parkes

Henry Parkes

Australia is described as a “tourism-focused civilization, with strong ties to the ocean”, and the bearded gentleman in charge is Sir Henry Parkes, considered by many to be the Father of the Australian Federation. With special “Digger” infantry units included, plus a Refugee Program thrown into the Modern age, the mod has covered a lot of ground.

Some of the features tucked into this simple, yet all-but complete conversion mod include:

  • Boundless Plains to Share: Settlers found Puppeted cities. The first 3 coastal Cities founded gain free buildings that provide additional Food and Tourism as Australia progresses throughout the ages. Mines gain +2 Production after Railroad is researched.
  • Prime Minister: Australia’s unique Great Writer, the Prime Minister will supply you with political quotes as Great Works that only Australia can produce. In addition, their mere rise to power will be enough to trigger a Golden Age!
  • Digger Infantry: Australia’s unique Great War Infantry, the Digger Infantry performs exceptionally in desert and foreign combat and can quickly be recruited from your Workers in times of need. Doesn’t obsolete at Plastics either.
  • Unique Australian Buildings (from the UA): Colonial Settlement (Classical), Mining Town (Renaissance), Refugee Programme (Modern), Tourism Department (Information).
Australian Civilization: Colonialist Legacies

Australian Civilization: Colonialist Legacies

The mod is still in development, and certain choices are raising eyebrows. Current Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott is not included in the game “seeing as he’s only been in power for a short time” – but actor Russell Crowe does appear, as a Spy.

If you want to take on Australian Civilization: Colonialist Legacies, take your copy of Civilization V over to the Steam Workshop, and she’ll be right.

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