Staffordshire Uni creates Epic Games Centre

Epic Games has strengthened its educational ties, as it creates the Epic Games Centre at Staffordshire University, providing hardware, software and even teaching time to students in eight game design courses.

Epic Games Centre

Staffordshire University’s Professor Michael Gunn with Epic Games’ European Territory Manager Mike Gamble

Mike Gamble, European Territory Manager for Epic, explains that the games industry needs to stop complaining that game design is being taught badly in schools, and instead step up and get more involved in the process.

This collaboration will enable Staffs students to have a direct link with Epic and a direct line to the heart of the industry. In turn, Epic and its developer partners will have access to these world-class facilities along with a new generation of game makers totally immersed within the world of Unreal Engine technology.

There are currently just less than 500 students enrolled in Staffordshire’s eight game design courses. With Epic‘s involvement, that number is expected to climb – or at least, places in the course will see more demand.

Dr. Bobbie Fletcher, from Staffordshire University explains:

We’ve no doubt that this collaboration will make our courses more attractive to potential students and provide us all with a new dimension of awareness about how the industry works and evolves.

The Epic Game Centre partnership will last for two years, with the publisher also planning to use the space to host Epic Developer Days for professional Unreal Engine users. The first event is scheduled for a little later this year.

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