Blizzard makes more of StarCraft II free-to-play

A new patch has significantly increased the amount of content included in the StarCraft II: Starter Edition, so now’s your chance to check out this award-winning RTS without putting any money down.

StarCraft II: Starter Edition

StarCraft II: Starter Edition

Patch 2.1 has a lengthy changelog detailing all sorts of gameplay tweaks, new fixes and extra additions to the game, but the key point is: All races, all custom games and the entire StarCraft II Arcade are now available to everyone who has downloaded the StarCraft II: Starter Edition.

If you’re unfamiliar, the Arcade is an archive of mods for StarCraft II, from both the community and Blizzard staff. Previously, free-to-play gamers were only able to play official Blizzard-created mods, and with all of this extra content now free-to-play, the modding community is expected to skyrocket.

Want to jump in? Log into (you’ll need to be online at all times), and snag the Starter Edition.

Remember: If you want to play the campaign mode or take part in multiplayer matchmaking, you’ll still need a full version of StarCraft II.

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