The Last of Us gets new multi-faction combat

That brand new story DLC for The Last of Us isn’t getting here until Valentine’s Day (that’s February 14th, you non-romantic fool), but we’ve got some new details – and a shiny video – to get you properly in the mood for Left Behind.

Lead Game Designer on the project, Jakob Minkoff, has said:

With Left Behind we wanted to make a single player DLC as fully crafted as our main campaign.

One of the most interesting ways the team has achieved that is through the ability to set infected and human enemies against each other in a little multi-faction combat.

Given that Ellie isn’t the sort of character to be featured in direct combat, this is an interesting way to continue the story progression. As you’ll be facing enemies of both kinds in the same environments, it makes sense that you can get them to fight each other and save you the bother. Game designer Anthony Newman explains:

[You can] throw a bottle and have a Clicker go kill a guy or lead an infected into an enemy or something and get them off your back

Of course, you’ll have to be careful how you go about it, but if this works like Naughty Dog are promising, it could be a very neat little piece of design.

Left Behind, the first story DLC for The Last of Us, hits the PlayStation Store on February 14th.

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