"Candy" trademarked by Candy Crush Saga dev

Casual game maker King – developer of Candy Crush Saga – has successfully registered the trademark “Candy” in the United States, after a year of speculation. The company is now believed to be sending cease and desist letters to developers who use the word in their game projects.

Candy Crush Saga

Greater than you.

King‘s trademark filing includes games and software, of course – as well as educational services and even clothing.

While it makes sense that King would seek to protect its identity – flagship title Candy Crush Saga was the most-downloaded free game on iOS in 2013 – it does seem that it’s being a little heavy-handed in its approach. It’s a similar situation to Bethesda vs Mojang on the topic of Scrolls.

Most of the complaints so far have come from App developers, receiving standard letters from Apple asking them to remove their games from the App Store. However, we’re now hearing reports that other game developers are in the firing line.

Indie developer Stoic Studios, who launched The Banner Saga just this past week has reportedly received an email, according to George Broussard of 3D Realms. This time, it wasn’t for using “candy”, but for the word “saga”, which – wait for it – King has also trademarked.

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